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Welcome to the new USA Masters Boxing website. Our goal since we started in 2003 has been to create a central location of information for master boxers and those looking to become master boxers. We understand it can still be a challenge to gather the information needed to compete or to find events for master boxers. This is why we are here and hope you find the website helpful. Along the way, we also created some platforms so master boxers can share their journeys and inspire others. Masters boxing is unique and we consider all that are part of the division family. So welcome to the family!

So what is Masters Boxing? and who can compete in this division? Masters boxing is an amatuer boxing division sanctioned by USA Boxing. To compete you must be 35 years of age or older, have never competed in any combat sport as a professional, and must be registered with an up to date USA Boxing Masters passbook and yearly physical. Those that are 45 years of age or older must also pass an exercise EKG also known as a stress test (the ekg is valid for 5 years). The process can sometimes be a challenge so we built this website to help guide you and hopefully answer any questions you might have. For a step by step guide on how to get your yellow USA Boxing Masters passbook, click on the link below.


USA Masters Boxing Donations

If you would like to support and donate, all donations go to help with the yearly cost of the website and tournament expenses. Do to the lack of sponsorships we often have to pay out of pocket with minimal to no return. Our passion for the masters division, the relationships we build has often been payment enough but as our tournaments grow so does cost.  Some of our events have grown in participation, specifically the Las Vegas and New Jersey tournaments with 200 masters registered to compete in each. We love to see the growth and the numbers are great but again, with this growth, cost has grown as well. From needing 2 rings instead of 1, paying for 2 doctors instead of 1, paying for additional officials coming from out of town to help.  We are at a point where we need some extra help as we continue to work towards having sponsors for our events. Any support is welcome and know that all donations go to help with the cost of the website, the Las Vegas and New Jersey tournaments.

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Though masters boxing is sanctioned under USA Boxing and the majority of the rules that apply to the younger amateur divisions, there are a few rules that are specific to the masters division only. When competing, the headgear that you are required to have is currently made by only 3 companies. Title Boxing, Ringside, and Sting. The difference is the master headgear is 16 oz vs 12 or 10 oz of the regular competition headgear. Masters also use 16oz USA Boxing approved gloves that are provided by event that you are competing in. The Masters Division also has it’s own forms for the yearly physical that is required in order to compete. If you are 45 years of age or older you also require and exercise EKG also known as a stress test. The EKG is good for 5 years.

We now have new weight classes that will be used in the masters division so it is important to understand where the weight class starts and ends and what the weight differential allowance is.

Age differential can not be more than 10 years and master boxers may not box other boxers under the age of 35.


To compete in the masters division you must be 35 years of age or older and have never competed as a pro athlete in any combat sport. To compete you must get a physical with your doctor and have him/her clear you as fit to box. If you are age 45 and older you must have an exercise EKG (also known as stress test) and that is good for 5 years. Download the medical form  from the link below.

Click to download Medical Forms

Once you have your medical complete, you must register with USA Boxing as a master boxer. Click the link below to go to the USA Boxing registration page. Follow the instructions and complete registration to be able to get your yellow master passbook and be able to compete.

Click here to register with USA Boxing

Upcoming Events

1st Annual Battle of the Ageless

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TOURNAMENT DATE: August 10th and 11th 2024
CONTACT PERSON: Manny Fernandez