Registration for the New Jersey Sparring Camp will begin Monday March 4th, 2024.
Join us for the first ever East Coast Masters Sparring Camp…
DATE: March 23rd and 24th
TIMES: 9am – 12pm (2 hour break) 2pm to 4pm
LOCATION: Showboat Atlantic City 801 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
COST: $200
The focus will be sparring and how to use it to best prepare yourself for a boxing match. We will teach some very important fundamentals such as footwork, head movement, offensive and defensive techniques and how to incorporate them into your boxing style. Sparring will be controlled and supervised at all times. Sparring will also be filmed and will be used to learn to breakdown film both for yourself improvement and how to view and study your opponents video. For many of you the opportunity to spar with other master boxers is slim to none, here is your chance to dance in the ring with other masters.
For those who have the challenge of a gym being hours away, we will show you the best and closest thing to sparring that you can do at home that will give you a great work out and will put you in the closest thing to sparring possible.