Las Vegas, Nevada July 21st, 2019 / USA Masters Boxing held its first annual Hall of Fame ceremony honoring Lakeville, Massachusetts legend, Mark “Doc” Doherty as its first member.

The ceremony took place during the 2019 Las Vegas Masters Invitational tournament that featured the top master boxers throughout the Country. Mark, who won the Golden Gloves as a college student, reconnected with boxing as a mid-60-year-old and has won 9 National and International titles that include the prestigious Ringside World Championships, and Gleason’s International tournament. Celebrating his achievements with his peers, Mark was awarded the official 2019 USA Masters Boxing Hall of Fame plaque and belt, making him the first honorary member.

“Our Hall of Fame is not about single events or participation but is instead about celebrating the men and women master boxers’ who have worked hard for their achievements in and out of the ring. Mark “Doc” Doherty has set the bar and is the standard for what a master boxer should be. It’s our honor to have him be the first member of the USA Masters Boxing Hall of Fame. The impact that Mark has had in the division was displayed when he became the unanimous choice by our panel of his boxing peers” said Manny Fernandez

ABOUT USA MASTERS BOXING Masters boxing is an amateur boxing division sanctioned by USA Boxing for those age 35 and older. Participants must be amateurs with no prior pro experience in any combat sport. The division is celebrating it’s 30 years of existence and now host National tournaments through out the Country and International events around the world.
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