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WELCOME = This is the 5th year of our Las Vegas Masters Boxing Tournament and it promises to be the biggest one yet. All levels are welcome to compete as this tournament welcomes novice and open master boxers. We are proud to say we are sponsored by Title Boxing so you know the belts will be special. Thank you Title Boxing. The tournament is now full and registration is only for the waiting list. If you are on the waiting list then your name will be called in the order that registrations where received. This will take place when and only when someone drops out and a spot is available.

We are considering a 3rd ring that would allow an additional 50 to 60 spots but nothing is set yet.


LOCATION: The International Sports Center 7770 Dean Martin Dr Ste 304, Las Vegas, NV 89139

COST: $150 (No refunds on drop outs, no shows or any other reason. The only exception is if we are unable to get you a match)



Friday February 23rd, 2024 = Meet and Greet 6pm (Optional)
We will discuss all that will take place throughout the tournament including assigning coaches for those that are traveling without a coach. Great time to ask any questions you might have.
Saturday February 24th, 2024 and Sunday February 25th, 2024 = Weigh-ins will start at 8am and bouts will start at 12pm sharp. We will have a live stream for both rings and will start as soon as the first bouts are ready to go for each day.
You only weigh-in the day that you compete.


YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES = We will provide the boxing gloves. You are responsible for all other gear and also making sure it’s the right gear. Master Boxers must have USA Boxing Master Approved headgear. Hand wraps or gauze and tape can be used. You can not mix hand wraps and tape or gauze, you must use one or the other. Proper boxing uniform with the waist line color being different from the color of your top. Boxing shoes, any color mouthpiece and growing protector, optional for the ladies. You are also responsible to be up to date with your USA Boxing registration and up to date physical. There are no exceptions.
COACHES WORKING BOXERS CORNERS = You must have an up to date red coaches book from USA Boxing. This includes the registration and videos must be complete. No exceptions will be made. Coaches that are suspended by USA Boxing and try to work a boxers corner will be banned from our events for life.
LIVE STREAM = YES! We will have a professional livestream going for the entire tournament and will be shown live on our live stream page. Give this link to the friends and family members who can’t make it…..


MASTERS = Ages 35 and older
Weight Classes Male = 106, 106.01 – 112 lbs, 112.01 – 119 lbs, 119.01 – 125 lbs, 125.01 – 132 lbs, 132.01 – 139 lbs, 139.01 – 147 lbs, 147.01 – 156 lbs, 156.01 – 165 lbs, 165.01 – 176 lbs, 176.01 – 189 lbs, 189.01 – 203 lbs, 203+
Weight Classes Female = 101.01 – 106 lbs, 106.01 – 110lbs, 110.01 – 115 lbs, 115.01 – 119 lbs, 119.01 – 125 lbs, 125 – 132 lbs, 132.01 – 139 lbs, 139.01 – 146 lbs, 146.01 – 154 lbs, 154.01 – 165 lbs, 165.01 – 178 lbs, 178+
(3 rounds lasting 2 minutes for open boxers and 1 and a half minutes for Novice boxers)

This event is for both male and female. All levels are welcome.
NOVICE: 0 bout to 10 bouts
OPEN: 11 or more bouts

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