2023 Masters Sparring Camp

Welcome to our 2023 Masters Sparring Camp. 2 days with 4 hours of information, training and sparring with other fellow master boxers. This camp is open to all levels, from novice who have never competed nor sparred to well seasoned master boxers with bouts under their belts. One of the most frustrating situations we find as master boxers are the opportunities to spar with others in our age group. This camp helps you learn the rules of USA Boxing and those specific to master boxers. We also bring master boxers together to spar and build strong relationships. Figure out where you are when it comes to competing, things to work on and tips that can help you in your development. Join us!

Location: Boxing on the Boulevard / 6436 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Date: Saturday APRIL 29th 12pm – 4pm and Sunday APRIL 30th 10am – 2pm